The inaugural IEEE Life Members Conference will bring together technology professionals from across the globe to explore emerging technologies and how these new technologies impact seniors in the population.

Support our work and stay involved by making a donation to the IEEE Life Member Fund of the IEEE Foundation. These donations, made by generous individuals and organizations, are crucial in enhancing the activities of life members, potential engineers, engineering students, and professionals worldwide.

About the IEEE Life Members Fund

Donations made to the IEEE Life Member Fund play a pivotal role in supporting various programs.

Scholarships and Grants

Robotics engineers in a laboratory.

Many talented individuals aspiring to pursue a career in engineering often face financial barriers that hinder their educational pursuits. By providing scholarships and grants, the fund empowers these individuals with the necessary resources to pursue their dreams, unlocking their potential and uplifting their careers.

Mentoring Programs

Group of engineers in a lab.

Mentoring plays a crucial role in the development of aspiring engineers and professionals. With the help of donations, the fund can establish mentoring initiatives that connect experienced engineers with those in need of guidance and support. Such programs provide valuable insights, industry knowledge, and guidance, thereby shaping the next generation of engineers and professionals.

Professional Development & Networking Opportunities

Networking and continuous learning are vital aspects of career growth and professional success.  By supporting programs that offer seminars, workshops, congresses, and conferences, the fund ensures access to the resources necessary to enhance skills, build connections, and foster collaborations.

Special Request from the IEEE Central Texas Section

Two engineers in a lab.The IEEE Central Texas Section would like to request that funds be donated to enhance the interactions of IEEE Young Professionals and IEEE Student Branches. The driving force for this proposal is that these interactions should encourage Student Members to continue with the IEEE by gaining familiarity with graduates in that area and, through them, opportunities for professional involvement.

Donate directly the special fund when you register for the conference.