IEEE Life Members Conference

Evolution: Technology, Applications, and Contributions

Austin, Texas, USA | 14 – 16 April 2024

Learning never stops:  Join us for a three-day event specially curated
for technology influencers, innovators, and pioneers of all ages.

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Who’s Attending

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Region 1: 6%
Region 5: 31%
Region 9: 0%
Region 2: 4%
Region 6: 12%
Region 10: 4%
Region 3: 12%
Region 7: 1%
Guests: 14%
Region 4: 3%
Region 8: 2%
Non Members: 10%

Open to all interested technology enthusiasts, the first-ever IEEE Life Members Conference will focus on the evolution of technology, applications, and contributions. Network with industry-based luminaries and technical professionals, learn about emerging technologies, and appreciate the influence IEEE members have on the profession.

Conference Areas of Interest

From thought-provoking keynote speeches delivered by industry pioneers, topical sessions from knowledge leaders, engaging workshops, and panel discussions featuring experts from various fields—this event will have something for everyone. The 2024 IEEE Life Members Conference conference will be organized around three types of technological evolution:

  • Technology that creates product opportunities
  • Applications that impact the lives of seniors and the aging population
  • Contributions of IEEE members that are made by seniors and experienced professionals

Why Attend?

With experts from a wide range of technology fields and accomplished IEEE professionals, this conference will provide ample opportunities to:

  • Explore new ideas: Learn more about new and emerging technologies in selected IEEE fields of interest.
  • Boost your network: Meet IEEE Life Members and technical professionals from around the world and exchange views on shared challenges.
  • Acquire the latest industry knowledge: Meet the corporations and engineers responsible for creating new and innovative consumer products directed at aging populations and the Life Member audience.
  • Get to know IEEE better: Learn more about Life Member Affinity Groups (LMAG) and the Life Member Committee (LMC) operations and resources.
  • Have fun and travel: With a vibrant entertainment and arts scene, inspiring cuisine, and stunning outdoor experiences, Austin has something for everyone!


Rodney Brooks headshot.

Professor Rodney Brooks
Robust AI/iRobot

Karen Panetta headshot.

Karen Panetta
Tufts University

Mike Branch headshot.

Mike Branch

Vincent (WooPoung) Kim headshot.

Vincent Kim

Brittne Kakulla headshot.

Brittne Kakulla

John McDonald headshot.

John McDonald
Founder & CEO – JDM Associates, LLC

Kendra Cook headshot.

Kendra Cook
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Julie Shah headshot.

Dr. Julie Shah

Manuela Veloso headshot.

Manuela Veloso
JP Morgan Chase – AI Research