Hand with globe of icons above hand.With a theme of Evolution: Technology, Applications, and Contributions, the inaugural IEEE Life Members Conference will take place in Austin, TX, from 14-16 April 2024.

Open to all interested technology enthusiasts, this conference will bring together technology professionals from across the globe to explore emerging technologies and how these new technologies impact seniors in the population. We will also look at how to best share our experiences and knowledge with current and new leaders in technology.

Conference Areas of Interest

From thought-provoking keynote speeches and topical sessions to engaging workshops and panel discussions—the 2024 conference will be organized around three types of technological evolution:

  • Technology that creates product opportunities
  • Applications that impact the lives of seniors and the aging population
  • Contributions of IEEE members that are made by seniors and experienced professionals

IEEE Life Members Conference Committees

Michael Andrews headshot.

Michael Andrews
Chair | Finance

Terry Branch headshot.

Terry Branch
Vice Chair | Finance

Greg Ledenbach headshot.

Greg Ledenbach

George Arnold headshot.

George Arnold

Kirpal Khalsa headshot.

Kirpal Khalsa

Maxine Cohen headshot.

Maxine Cohen
Communications | Companion Program

Sophie Tang headshot.

Sophie Tang

Halden Morris headshot.

Halden Morris

Fawzi Behmann headshot.

Fawzi Behmann
Local Logistics & Planning | Finance

Kai Wong headshot.

Kai Wong
Local Logistics & Planning

Committee Members

Bernie Sander, Howard Wolfman, Sundaresh Subramaniam, Dave Noderer, Andrew Kusiak, William Szeto, John Lane, Lawrence Lyons, Bob Davis, Donald Georgi, Dennis Randolph, Laura Hall.